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Never got upset with the pounding I gave them

" I worked for Exon Mobile for 30 years and decided to retire and move to the hills of Tennessee. Well, before long the cost of living and the falling interest rates started to drain my retirement account down pretty fast. I had lost a goodly amount to a stock brokerage firm even though they were charging me a fee every year while losing it.

The broker suggested that I move my money, what was left of it, to some CD’s that they were going to buy in the market. While still charging me a fee to manage my account. Well after paying their fee and the low rate on the CD’s they bought for me I was in the hole for about $1,400 a month just to meet my living expenses.

One day I read an article in the local paper about a company called Robert James & Associates… I called them up and made an appointment to get a free financial review. All the while I was very skeptical about the money and growth rate they showed me. After about four visits to their local office and their home office I felt all that stuff about, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is,” didn’t have a thing to do about this “Guaranteed Life Time Income Account” they were telling me about. I even called the main insurance company’s home office out in the mid west and talked to them on the phone for about two hours checking on everything the James outfit told me. Well it all checked out and I am happy it did. My income account value is now going to be 18.8% higher then it was before I met Robert James & Associates. Most important, when I’m gone my wife is going to be able to take my place in the income account and collect for the rest of her life too. When I looked at the alternatives: 1. Stay the way I was and run out of money real fast 2. . Lose more in the market and run out of money real fast. Nope none made any sense to me… The Guaranteed Lifetime Income Account was the only sensible way to go.

I’m not easy to get along with and ask a lot of questions over and over again… But you know what… Robert James & Associates’ personnel were always ready and willing to answer my questions and never got upset with the pounding I gave them… They really didn’t deserve it… I know that now!

Thank you for listening to me"
James C

Mutual Fund Worth 20% Less After 20 years of Investing

" For the past twenty years I have been investing every month in a mutual fund. When a representative from Robert James & Associates stopped by my place of business and suggested that I take advantage of a free financial review, I thought that it might not be a bad idea. The representative returned to my shop in about two days with some shocking news… My mutual fund was worth 20% less that the total amount that I had put into in over a twenty year period.

After a thorough presentation concerning a “Guaranteed Income Account” I decided that it was a much better way for me to reach my retirement income goals. The company gave me an immediate 10% bonus plus a guarantee of 8% per year minimum guarantee. Everything was guaranteed in writing so I know exactly how much I will have in any year that I decide to take income from my guaranteed income account.

Thank you Robert James for providing me with peace of mind concerning my retirement income. I will tell all of my friends and family about you and your fine service. "

I was considering various investments

" Having inherited some money I was considering various investments. My main objective was to keep it safe and to have reasonable growth over the years. All of my friends were telling me horror stories about their stock and mutual fund values going down and the lack of any guarantees on their money. A representative of Robert James & Associates was referred to me by a family friend. The representative was not only very professional… but extremely knowledgeable about the all important items; such as guarantees and guaranteed future income and possibilities of future increases in income during retirement. The representative was very courteous and patient with all my questions and was able to not only answer them to my satisfaction but to also provide literature to back up what ever they said.

I am very, very pleased with Robert James & Associates and will give them more money when a real estate transaction goes through in the near future… Thank you Robert James you guys are great to deal with… Have a great New Year…"
Maria K

Going Broke in The Bank

" I’m a retired school teacher that had over $54,000 in a savings account at a local bank.

A representative of Robert James & Associates offered me a free financial review… after some thought I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have one done… I must say it was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. The Robert James Representative called my bank to verify my interest rate… What a shock! It was almost unbelievable! The bank was paying me one tenth of one percent (.1%) interest on my $54,000 account. I also had a money market at the same local bank… Again a shock… The rate was now ¼%... This was really bad considering the escalating cost of living and my being retired.

When I asked, “what should we do about this? The Robert James & Associates Representative proceeded to ask me a series of questions about my over all financial condition and especially my need for income now and in the future. Once the questions were all answered I was told that I may be interested in something called a “Guaranteed Lifetime Income Account” and I was given a thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of this account using company literature. Then I was asked if I would like to see a personal print out showing how my income account would grow at an 8% minimum rate of interest per year plus at the time the company was offering a 10% immediate gain day one to my account value. All this would give my Income Account Value an 18.8% gain the first year. The Robert James Representative offered to handle all of the paper work for me and it became a very pleasant experience from then on.

I would like to say that I would recommend the people at Robert James very highly to all my friends and family. "
Bobby D

Robert James answers their phones 24/7

" I would like to relate my personal experience in dealing with Robert James & Associates.. They put their money where their mouth is… My representative showed me his personal account and the amount he put in an annuity with an income rider… They walked me through my own personal transaction step by step in simple terms that I could fully understand. Then back it all up in writing that I would receive a 10% upfront bonus on my total investment…and a guaranteed 8% per year minimum on my Income Account value not one dime went to commissions or fees from my original investment… 100% of my money went to work for me… I was with another firm that totally ignored me and if I called them … They took 3 to 4 days to call me back.

Robert James answers their phones 24/7 and says they are like Walmart… open for the public when ever the public wants service.

Thank you Robert James you are truly a pleasure to deal with I am going to have more money in the near future and I know where I am going to put it…. 24/7. "
Carolyn E.

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