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GARP Program

The burden for retirement income seems to have shifted to the individual. For this reason, you may want to consider a guaranteed GARP to your retirement strategy

GARP are created by life insurance companies. They apply their life expectancy expertise and institutional investment capabilities to provide their important guarantees. When you purchase GARP, you exchange a lump sum of money for a stream of payments.

GARP Can Be Purchased with:

  • Personal checking or savings accounts.
  • Personal savings held in tax-deferred accounts — such as Savings Annuities.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
  • 401(k)s, 403(b)s and other employer plans.
  • Lump sum distributions from employer pensions.
  • The federal government's Thrift Savings Plan.
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A Custom-Tailored, Personal Pension

Think of an GARP as your own personal pension, one that can be structured to fit your specific needs. With this , you can:

Choose how long your income will last. Most people select a lifetime option; fixed periods are available, too.
Select how often you receive your income. Monthly income is the most popular and can make it easy to budget. You can also choose between a quarterly or annual income.
Select how much income you will need each month. Decide how much money you'll need to cover your expenses. Your annuity provider will tell you how much money you'll need to put in now to make sure those expenses are covered

Retirement Strategies

Retirement income strategies are not just for the wealthy. As retirement nears, the traditional strategy has been to move growth-seeking products to more conservative, fixed-income products. According to a recent study, for a married couple age 65 there is now a 50 percent chance that at least one spouse will live to age 94. This means that you may need to plan for your retirement savings to potentially last 25 to 30 years.

The drawback to living longer is the greater possibility of outliving your savings that is why its important to  develop a retirement income strategy designed to last a longer lifetime. Sixty-one percent of Americans surveyed said they were more afraid of outliving their assets than they were of dying.2

A significant loss in the years just prior to (and/or) just after you retire could negatively impact the level of income you receive over the course of your life. In fact, if a loss occurs earlier in life, there is also the chance that you may have more time to recover (versus a loss occurring later in retirement). 

We can help you design a guaranteed retirement income strategy for your needs that incorporates insurance and guaranteed vehicles to create opportunities for long-term growth as well as guaranteed income throughout your retirement.  

Accumulate Wealth

The longer you invest, the more potential your money has to compound interest. If your portfolio has not fully recovered from losses in recent years, you may wish to consider a more aggressive allocation to make up for lost ground and get back on track to accumulating wealth   

401 & IRA

When you change jobs or retire, we look at if you need to leave money where it is or take the cash if your 591/2 & over or roll the money over to a qualified plan

which allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred until you receive distributions in retirement. We can help you determine if a rollover is the right move for you. If you determine to cash out of an IRA, we can help you  you reach your retirement goal.

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Watch your Retirement Account Grow and Compound

Never Out Live Your Income!

Health & Wellness


Ideas and advice to help you live longer and stay healthier

Health & Wellness The Next Great Transition of Health & Wealth

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  • The Wellness Revolution has grown in excess of $500 billion.
  • Our approach targets emerging markets and natural health trends in a way no other company in our industry has.
  • We have a visionary business model.

RBJM Embraces Health & Wellness

  • Rapidly declining health, rising obesity and an aging population have led to a global acceptance of natural products and supplements. Statistics indicate that three of every four people take some form of nutritional supplements to preserve wellness and manage a spectrum of health conditions.
  • As demand for natural health solutions has increased , the nutrition industry has grown every year for the past 20 years
  • Healthcare providers worldwide are fighting a crisis of epic proportions. Just consider the follow statistics:

Cardiovascular Disease is The #1 Killer in The World

  • Two out of every five people in the world die of cardiovascular disease
  • George Washington University. The annual cost of obesity is $4,879 for a women and $2,646 for a man.
  • In the U.S. 23.6 million children and adults (7.8% of the population) are diabetic. Growing by 1.6 million cases per year.

How Can These Devasting Numbers be Drastically Reduced?

  • Through better lifestyle choices and focus on wellness.
  • RBJM is focused on innovative natural health solutions that not only improve health and promote wellness, but raise awareness of the massive global need for innovative natural solutions.

At RBJM We are Changing the Way Business is Done

  • It’s time to join the RBJM Wellness Movement and leave negative thinking behind. Only You Can Make Your Future Become a Reality!

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