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Kate S. a 98 Year Old Widow,

" 41 years ago in 1968, when I was 57 years old my husband and I opened a stock brokerage account with Bob Tonachio. I am now 98 years of age and want you to know that I am still living off the investments Bob advised us to buy.  I told him that he was the best advisor we ever had.  I am still drawing income from the investments he recommended and my account keeps growing…and best of all, he came to check on me to see how I am doing. "
Kate S., New York

Smith Barney Advisor Comments on RJA Article:

"After Years of Lousy Returns and Being Smacked With High Fees & Taxes"

"I agree Bob. Whenever you have systemic risk you need to reallocate to cash and cash alternatives and get out of stocks and mutual funds until the systemic risk is gone. Many advisors believe systemic risk is diversifiable and keep their clients in the market. Please Google this question 'IS SYSTEMIC RISK DIVERSIFIABLE? The answer is no so keeping people in the stock market just makes them lose more and more. Please also tell people to keep their underlying investments in cash and cash alternatives for their contract value until the systemic risk is gone. In my opinion, what you are promoting is the best value for all clients because their investments always are guaranteed to be positive and are not subject to the ups and downs of the market. People need something that will last their lifetime. Thanks for writing the article. "
Gary, Kentucky

Florida Advisor, President  of Investment Firm

" Bob, how grateful I am that you taught me all of these safe concepts so many years ago. I sleep well at night knowing that my clients have safe money and assured income.  Our clients have been take out spending money over the years and still have more than when they began. None of them have lost money in this Bear Market.  Thank you for the great advice and training! "
A.L.,  Florida

Paper Work Nightmare

" I’m a 74 year old sheltered widow… My husband took care of our investments… Which was fine until he passed away!  I continued to do business with my husband’s stock broker , a person who was a member of our church.  I was concerned about the value of my account dropping and decide to take advantage of a review offered by Robert James & Associates.  During our first meeting the representatives of Robert James… Thoroughly examined my account statements in my presents.  It appeared that about $58,000 was unaccounted for… I suggested that they call my existing broker.  The representatives from Robert James & Associates said, “No, Mrs. P. we will go directly to the source, not your broker”  Well it was really amazing how they got right on the phone in my presence and started asking questions concerning my accounts… What they found out was that my trusted broker had taken discretion over my account unbeknown to me and started transferring my assets.  The representatives of Robert James & Associates traced the money and put a stop to it and had it refunded to my original account.  This process took all of about 3 hours of their time that first day and then another 90 days to get my accounts in order. It seems not a week went by with a call from Robert James updating me on the progress or lack thereof.  I offered to pay Robert James for all the service they rendered… I was pleasantly surprised when they said, “Mrs. P. you don’t owe us anything… What ever you think our service was worth to you… Please make a donation to your church or favorite charity”… God Bless Robert James & Associates. "
Nel P. Tennessee

Jim L. Knoxville Tax Accountant

" I am the senior partner of a Knoxville based accounting firm.. I want you to know that… I have been doing business with Bob Tonachio of Robert James & Associates for over 15 years… The only time I ever lost any money … in the past 15 years, is when I didn’t take the good advice Robert James & Associates gave me! "
Thank you.  Jim L. Tennessee

I’m so Excited about … Not losing any money

and getting a 15% Gain in  only 12 months…  Thanks to Robert James & Associates!

" My account value grew by $56,770 from $374,447. to $431,217 in just 12 months. The worst twelve months of a down market period I’ve heard of in my lifetime!  Many of my friends had to go back to work to maintain their life style .But I just exercised the income benefit rider to get a guaranteed minimum of $26,000 per year for the rest of my life even if I live to 150. My ultimate goal was achieved by eliminating the worry of running out of money.  Now I sleep better at night and spend time with my grand children. My mother lived well into her 90s and many people are living over the age of 100 now a days. So running out of money was definitely a realistic concern of mine.. "
Donna D.